Alliance Equipment Company manufactures fiberglass products. Our specialty is buckets and accessories for aerial lift equipment also called bucket trucks, boom trucks, manlifts, cherry picker buckets, aerial platforms or utility trucks. We make replacement buckets for Altec, Versalift, Terex, Hi Ranger, E.T.I. and many more. See below for a full list.

If you need to buy bucket truck accessories, look no further than Alliance Equipment. We have bucket covers, saw scabbards, tool trays, control guards, hose guards and more. (Listed below) We offer a large line of bucket liners. Our polyethylene liners are tested and guaranteed. Alliance Equipment also makes custom fiberglass products.

If your bucket has seen better days send it to AEC for repair. We have a full service repair facility and can refurbish your old bucket to its former glory.

Please check our online catalog for further information.

New from Alliance Equipment

New parts just added to our product line.

PA6257 (AL)

PA6257 (AL) - Jib-Winch Extension Cover

PA6257 (AL) –
Jib-Winch Extension Cover

PA6258 (AL)

PA6258 (AL) - Boom Tip Cover

PA6258 (AL) –
Boom Tip Cover

PA6259 (AL)

PA6259 (AL) - Jib-Winch Cover

PA6259 (AL) –
Jib-Winch Cover

PA6262 (AL)

PA6262 (AL) - End Plate (2 pcs)

PA6262 (AL) –
End Plate (2 pcs)

PA8904 (TM)

PA8904 (TM) - Bucket Tilt Cylinder Guard

PA8904 (TM) –
Bucket Tilt Cylinder Guard

PA6267 (AL)

PA6267 (AL) - Platform Side Cover

PA6267 (AL) –
Platform Side Cover

PA6066 (TX/HR)

PA6066 (TX/HR) - Line Duct Cover

PA6066 (TX/HR) –
Line Duct Cover

PA6066 (TX/HR)

PA6066 (TX/HR) - Line Duct Cover

Line Duct Cover

The Safe Step

The Safe Step - Available from

Available from

PA8902 (TM)

PA8902 (TM) - Hose Cover - Knuckle End

Hose Cover – Knuckle End

PA8903 (TM)

PA8903 (TM) - Hose Cover - Bucket End

Hose Cover – Bucket End


PA6091 - Angled Step (Larger)

PA6091 –
Angled Step (Larger)


PA6096 - Angled Step (Largest)

Angled Step (Largest)

The Safe Step

The Safe Step - Available from

Available from

Aftermarket buckets and parts for:

Altec, Asplundh, Aerial Lift of Connecticut, Dur a lift, Elliot, ETI, Hi Ranger, Holan, Lift-All, Teco, Telelect, Terex, Versalift and more.

Parts and accessories we offer:

  • Bucket covers – Vinyl, Foam filled vinyl, fiberglass
  • Boltron boom wrap and tape
  • Foam standing pads
  • Scuff pads – with or without a step, 50kv or 70kv
  • Saw scabbards – Inside hanging, outside hanging, thick pouch
  • Tool trays – 8″, 16″, or 24″ deep
  • Along the boom holders
  • Bucket liners to fit almost any bucket
  • Control guards, hose guards, line duct guards, many different guards and covers.